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  GadgetScope.com is looking for experienced writers to join its review panel! In order to be considered for the review panel, you must provide existing reviews you have written, either in hard copy format (PDF, DOC, and RTF) or as an online review which can be identified with your e-mail address. Knowledge of basic XML and HTML is recommended but not required (brief training will be provided on GadgetScope.com's XML format). Also recommended: A 2 megapixel or higher digital camera for pictures of the item being reviewed.
  GadgetScope.com is a non-profit project and all site maintenance costs are provided by contributors within the panel. Your reward for providing reviews for GadgetScope.com will be, first of all, publication on a site with existing traffic and a special XML converter that will put your content into GadgetScope.com's professional layout. The other benefits include a link to your e-mail address and homepage on every review, and you may be sent items to review that are yours to keep afterward. There may also be future benefits, such as receiving moderator status on a message board or being given your own user icon. Of course any ideas provided by panel members will be considered.
  If you would like to join the review panel, contact the webmaster. Please do not send attachments until you have been asked for them.